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Samir Elturky

"Live like the wind does, don't ever stop and you will live forever."

Samir Elturky, born in El Cairo, is a young egyptian percussionist that performs his task as a musician over all Europe and Egypt.

His specialities are instruments like the darbuka, tabla, duff, bendir, doholla, djambé, riq and, in general, all the instruments typical of the egyptian and arabic music.

During his first years in Europe, Samir had lived in Rome, where he founded the AraBand group, that focuses not only on classical egyptian music, but a also experiments with new rythms and contemporary techniques, for example integrating electronic percussion to create innovative sounds and pieces. 

The passion for music and percussion has accompanied Samir from very young age: "During my school years, I used to choose my seat by the sound the desk made!"- comments Samir.

Over time, Samir felt the need to study music and rythms in a more serious manner, and thus, begun assisting classes with some of the best teachers in his country, among whom, the ones to influence him the most were Said El Artist, Ahmed Misirili and Khamis Henkesh.

After going on tour through severeal European and Middle Eastern cities, Samir has settled in Madrid, hoping to archieve two important goals: to be a worthy embassador of this form of art and of egyptian music in general as well as to organize meetings of musicians and artists in order to spread this genre and create new sounds and ways of playing music.

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