Alessandra D´Ambra

"With Perseverance and determination, much can be achieved, and it begins right here, releasing passion and sweat between the four walls of the Dance Room"
Alessandra D' Ambra


My name is Alessandra D’Ambra and I am the creator of the school together with my husband and manager of the dance center, Mohamed Sayed Aly Hassan. We have brought to life our dream with the birth of the D’Ambra Dance Project Dance School.

I was born in Rome in 1975 and I started my training in Classical Dance and Jazz in Martine Le Blanche´s Dance Center and entered the well known Private Conservatory “Balletto di Roma” at the early age of 7.

Alessandra D' Ambra

In 1990 I expanded my studies in dance with various styles: jazz, funky and hip-hop in the prestigious and respected I.A.L.S School guided by television teacher and dancer Cristina Moffa, participating in television and theatre exhibitions with the goal of contributing to my artistic developement. I took part in the first hip-hop movements of the Italian capital city, engaging in different urban dance events and contests.

In 1996, because of my job as an event and performance organizer in a Tourism and Leisure company, I worked in different cities of the Eastern Mediterranean, traveling through Greece, Morocco and Tunisia until I got to Egypt.

Alessandra D' Ambra

I spent many years working as a choreographer in the south of Egipt, where I was able to expand my knowledge of the Arabic culture and language, as well as of Oriental Dance and its folklore, taking advantage of the lessons of international eminent teachers. Captivated by Oriental Dance and its variants, I began a relentless research of styles and of different paths to combine it with my way of living and feeling music. This was the most important stage of my life, in which I matured both professionally and personally: I met my husband and our daughter was born.

In 2003, I landed in Madrid and started teaching Oriental Dance, even though I never stopped training myself professionally, taking continuous classes with teacher Eva Chacón, Modern Dance classes with teacher Carlos Alvés and complementing my studies with workshops taught by Oriental Dance professionals that include : Yousry Sherif, Raquia Hassan, Randa Kamel, Diana Tharkan, Khaled Mahmoud, Munique Neith, Marta Korzun and Daryia Mitskevich.
ATS and Tribal Fusion: Carolina Nericcio, Sharon Kihara
Bollywood: Meera, Mistri y Hemant Devda

Alessandra D' Ambra

In 2010 Mohammed and I decided to launch our first big professional project together: The D’Ambra Dance Project School.

I like my dance to be lively and dynamic, highlighting the features of the pure Egiptian style, decorated and integrated with a more modern and current one, but without losing Oriental Dance's essence. (Egyptian Modern Style)

My work is embodied both in my classes and in my performances- I am lucky to have obtained awards and recognitions for my choreographies in different Dance contests in the Group Category (First Place in the Artdrawis International Festival 2012, First Place in the Sonika Bollywood 2013, First Place in BellyQuality 2014), Second Place in Egipto en Barcelona 2015 y 2017.

I am convinced that the secret of professional and quality teaching is continuous training provided by great national and international teachers of our time, the constant update of learning methods and latest trends as well as, of course, innovation.

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