Our Dance Activities

In this Section you can find all sort of activities and levels. Absolute beginners, middle and advanced for children, teenagers and adults. Special Intensive course for professional dancers ...



Oriental dance

Popularly known as Bellydance, this age old dance has its origins in the Middle East. It was believed that it was used as a fertility...
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Absolute Shimmy! Live Percussion

“Absolute Shimmy“ is a very energetic and fun Oriental Dance class accompanied by Samir Elturky's excellent live percussion. In...
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Belly Fantasy- oriental fusion and fantasy

While not straying from Oriental Dance, in this class we will work on Oriental Fantasy. Different dances and Belly Dance moves...
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American Tribal Style

American Tribal Style in an innovative and creative way of interpreting Oriental Dance. By briefly exploring its origins, we discover...
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Tribal fusion and Dark Tribal Fusion

From the inside of dance fusions, another variant is born: “Tribal Fusion”, created and developed by a new generation inspired by ATS...
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Urban Oriental Fusion and Belly Funk

Oriental Urban Fusion is another branch and variant of Oriental Dance. It mainly has its roots in Belly Dance, developing an...
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This dance is inspired by Mumbay´s musical and cinema productions (originally Bombay, birthplace of Indian cinema) from where...
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Jazz– Fusion (Funky and Lyrical)

Fun and lots of dancing. In these classes you will learn basic Jazz, Contemporary and Ballet technique. Warm ups, physical fitness ...
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Jazz- Funky and Jazz– Cabaret

In the modern dance class program there is a part dedicated to “Broadway Style”. This Jazz-Cabaret class is inspired by...
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Hip-Hop styles

This class will focus on all the different Urban Dance styles: Hip-Hop, Locking, Popping, Breaking, Hipe , New Style, Street-Dance...
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Ballet for adults

Classical Dance or Ballet is the essential foundation of any dance style that corrects body postures, providing the body with a larger...
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Zumba is an innovative, effective, fun and safe way to get in shape. In this class we use the progressive sequence method from...
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Using Yoga and Pilates warming up methods and techniques, we will learn how to correctly stretch our body, focusing on...
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Contemporary Dance

Becoming prominent due to the need to express free movement of the body, contrasting with the more technical...
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Claqué/ Tap Dance

Claqué, also known as Tap Dance is a dancing discipline proper of...
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Despite the fact that there is controversy about the true origins of the flamenco dance, one thing is clear...
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Dancehall, Afrobeats and Twerking

A Jamaican dance style that was born from the Dancehall musical genre, based on Reggae...
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Saber technique and finger cymbals technique

In Belly Dance, Tribal and Fusions, some elements, such as the saber and finger cymbals, are often integrated...
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Polynesian dances

Initially, there was no written language in Polynesia and history was transmitted...
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